how to build big muscles
Big Muscles

This is a common question that many new to body builders ask is how to build big muscles ?. Often, they turn to one of the most amazing books on body building for an answer.

Most body building books get scores on body building exercises on their pages to make the book as comprehensive as possible.

There is nothing wrong with this because the ability to look up a great deal of information about body building exercises is most valuable.

How ever,the basics of body building exercise can be ignored. So, for those that are seriously concerned over what exactly are the best body building exercises.

Exercises that are most important to build big muscles:

One of the most important thing to build big muscles is body building food diet .with out taking protein food diet we can’t build big muscles so remember to eat healthy food also …

The Squat:

The Squat

Here is an fact that most people looking to develop muscle mass must become aware of as quickly as humanly possible:

the squat is the most important of all body building exercises is to build big muscle mass. There are several reasons and the most important is that heavy squat work will release an enormous number of natural steroids in the body. Essentially, the body’s growth hormones are naturally massed,

which has a positive effect on the rest of the body’s muscles. Additionally, the legs are the foundation of the body.

They are needed to support the weight and mass that rests upon. As such, any serious mass building of the upper body requires that you follow extreme leg mass body building exercises,

These properly developed legs are needed to support the weight of the mass. (You can learn a ton more about them in the triple threat muscle program as well).

The Bench Press:

The bench press
The bench press

The upper body, performing the bench press regular helps develop the upper chest and torso to its best and most massive appearance. Really, what body builder can be taken seriously even remotely without bench presses?

The Military Press exercise :

The military press
The military press

The military press creates the massively powerful shoulders needed for upper body. In addition to the amazing physique benefit one will gain from properly developed shoulders,

the enhancement of a person’s physical strength derived from these exercises will be significant as well. That is why the barbell and dumbbell military presses should always be linchpin exercises in workout program.

The Biceps Curl exercise :

The Biceps Curl
The Biceps Curl

Honestly, you can develop significant mass in the biceps through bench presses and military presses alone. How ever, if you want to be sure your biceps have a decent symmetry, working out the biceps with biceps curls and remains strongly recommended.

Abdominal Crunches exercise :

Abdominal Crunches
Abdominal Crunches

The abdominal muscles make the core of the body. It attracts a lot of people’s attention because it is in the middle of body mass.As such, it is best to always develop your abs to their finest since many physiques will be judged on their abs.

The Dead Lift exercise :

The Dead Lift
The Dead Lift

Dead lift helps to increase muscle mass but to do this exercise with a low weight to prevent injuries. In fact, it may be advisable to discontinue this body building exercise until you gain some strength and experience.


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