Hypnosis Weight Loss
Hypnosis Weight Loss

Once considered a mere parlor trick or carnival act, hypnosis is now considered a useful way to weight loss. As with biofeedback, it’s helpful to work with a trained health professional before using this relaxation technique on your own.

Once mastered, however, you will find that it can be applied in many potentially stressful situations: in the dentist’s chair, before giving a speech, or while waiting for a job interview to start.

Although learning self-hypnosis takes practice, it is relatively simple. It’s merely a way of focusing our mind’s attention. Most of us already experience self-hypnosis when we are so focused on a television show that we don’t see someone entering the room or when we arrive at a destination and don’t remember driving there.

Using self-Hypnosis weight loss techniques:

  1. Sit in a comfortable chair and loosen your collar and waistband.
  2. Focus your attention on a spot across the room.
  3. Take a deep breath, hold it. Then let it out. Repeat two more times.
  4. Feel your eyes growing heavy and allow them to close.
  5. picture a sturdy staircase in your min. Take hold of the banister and slowly walk down its 20 steps, counting as you go.
  6. Picture a sturdy staircase in your mind. Take hold of the banister and slowly walk sown its 20 steps, counting as you go.
  7. Feel your self going more deeply into the hypnotic state with every step you count down.
  8. When you get to the bottom step, you should feel very relaxed; Let yourself go to a safe place where you feel very secure and very relaxed.
  9. Stay in your safe place until you wish to return.
  10. When you want to come out of the hypnotic state, count slowly to there, becoming more alert with each number. At there, open your eyes.

This technique works very well for many people. Don’t be easily discouraged, as it can take some practice and some getting used to. Certainly, don’t be afraid of it; remember, you are in total control at all times and can leave the hypnotic state at any time you choose.

Relaxation is a good method for reduce the weight loss before doing Hypnosis.

There are some of the best means of reducing stress; they are scientifically proven, medically accepted, and easily learned. Most of them take very little time to practice, and only one of them, biofeedback, required any type of equipment.

The relaxation techniques help you to block out stress and focus on serenity, thereby lowering your blood pressure, slowing down your heartbeat, and reducing wear and tear on your joints, muscles, and organs.

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