Weight Loss Pills
Weight Loss Pills

In 1992, the food and drug administration ( FDA ) attempted to clean house by prohibiting over 100 weight-loss-pills from being listed as “active ingredients” in over the counter products.

These ingredients were singled out because there’s no proof that they do anything. The substances, including alcohol, caffeine, vitamin c and grapefruit extract. Still remain in many products, however.

There’s no point in throwing away money on ineffective diet methods, and you certainly don’t want to throw away your health by using dangerous substances or following questionable practices. Here’s rundown on some diet aids to avoid:

Chromium picolinate

This is the hot supplement right now, based on the fact that chromium is needed for building muscle and burning fat. However, it’s not the magic fat-burning pill that some ads suggest. A few studies found it improved the muscle-building effects of exercise.

Theoretically, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, but there’s little evidence that this makes much practice difference in weight-loss efforts. Besides, it would also have to accompany a dedicated exercise program anyway, and if you’re really need pill.

On the good side, chromium picolinate is a well-absorbed source of chromium a mineral most us probably don’t get enough of.

Herbal teas

These are gaining in popularity to the dismay of herbal experts who say their ingredients are untested and not standardized, leaving the door open for fraud and health risks. Common ingredients in the teas promoted for weight loss include: ginseng, locust plant, papaya, buchu leaves, and juniper berries.

Amino acids (carnitine)

This popular amino acid supplement and others, such as arginine, ornithine, lysine and lysine, methionine, are said to enhance the burning of fat. Although amino acid levels in the blood do rise, researchers can find no increase in the rate of body-fat burning. In addition, amino acids have calories; supplementing with them means supplementing you calorie intake, too.


This fatty substance has been touted for weight loss forever, it seems, but it’s no more useful now than it was years ago when it was introduced.

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